2009 Sports Events & Socials

Standard Chartered Marathon – Singapore 

Dec 06, 2009, Esplanade-ShentonWay-NicollHighway-ECoast-SailingCentre-FortRd-Stadium-KallangRd-CrawfordSt-RepublicAve-F1Track-MarinaPromenade-Padang, M 04:06:47

Sheares Bridge Run – Singapore Bay Run 

Aug 16, 2009 Esplanade-CentralBlvd-ShearesBridge-ECoastPark-MarineCove-ECoastServiceRd-FortRd-MountbattenRd-NicollHighway-RepublicAve-CrawfordRdJnt-F1Track-MarinaPromenade-StAndrewRd-Padang, HM, 01:57:50

East Coast Park – Changi Walk 

KPETurn-FortRd-ChangiWalkRd loop 25K EZ

Gangsa Bishan – Park Connector 

TrailRun Zhenghua-Gangsa-Mandai-OldUppThomsonRd-LowerPierce-Bishan Park, 15K EZ

Muscle Stretching – Routine@home 

January 2009, Sitting position: Gluteals, Hamstring & Adductors Prone position: Shoulder – Triceps


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