Beentheredonethat- Chronological

grow in another name for age

2017 JPMorgan with Allianz Group – Singapore April 27, 2017, StAndrewRd-EsplanadeBridge-RafflesAve-MarinaPromenade-F1Pit-RepublicBlvd-RepublicAve-RepublicBlvd-F1Pit,

2017 Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer – Singapore July 30, 2017, AngsanaGreen->C2-F3 Loop

2017 Allianz World Run – May 3, 2017 (11:59 am CET) until July 31, 2017 (11:59 am CET) all Allianz employees and agents worldwide are invited to track their running activities using the MapMyRun app (GPS only) from our global partner Under Armour Total KM (1174)

2016 BTNR Trail – ZhengHuaPark-ChestnutAve-Belukar-WallaceTrail-WallaceTrack-DiaryFarmRd-QuarryRd-SgQuarry

2015 MountainBike Trail – ZhengHuaPark-FishingTrail-GangsaHill-ButterflyTrail-ChestnutPark-Belukar-ChestnutDrive

2014 2XU Compression along NicolsHighway (Merdeka Bridge) Mar 2, 2014

2014 ANZ sponsored JP Morgan April 24, 2014

2014 Team TCS Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

2014 BTNR Woodcutter Trail – ZhengHuaPark-GangsaHill-BTCatchment-TrailFork-OldUpperThomsonRd(UpperPierce)-UpperPierceReservoir-SICC-TreeTopWalk-RiffleRange-Belukar-Chestnut

2013 JP Morgan with ANZ Bank April 18, 2013 (F1 PIT) & Sundown Marathon – Marina Barrage Route.

2012 TCS Total Running KMs – Fit4Life Challenge (2012-2013)  April 01, 2012 to March 31, 2013 1602K

2011 Tai Ji Quan – 1956 Beijing 24 Forms

The 24 Tai Chi Form was developed in 1956 by the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission of the People’s Republic of China, become the standard form for the Tai Chi competitions.

2011 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon (ASICS T910N GEl-DS Racer)

2010 Newton 10.10.10 3x10K@Splash East Coast Park &

2010 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon (ASICS T004N GT -2150)

2009 TeamNUS as alumnus Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon (ASICS TN804 GT -2130)

2008 Singapore NationalsSingapore Standard Chartered Marathon in ASICS TN705 (GT-2120)
2007 Yoga Vinyasa a FadMizuno is sponsoring a Mt Faber Run and guess what Saucony has arrived @East Coast Park all 10Ks
2006 Triathlon is sunny n sea breezeJPMorgan 5.6K should be stroll but OSIM Triathlon is more than drinking sea water, biking in circle and running back to where you started
2005 Roller Blading is cool tooHeard about the REAL run and how about MILK run?
2004 Trail is coolMust run across the 2nd Link Bridge and try the Sunday morning Mizuno Kovan run
2003 Marathon beckonsBaptism on Sheares Bridge 10K and run into the Standard Chartered 42.195K, wall & all
2002 Hartha YogaIntroduction to the body twist no contortion @OCC
2001 Walk & Don’t RunFavorite Ponggol 17th Ave-Ponggol Marina/Ponggol End & TNP Big Walk



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