Sagacious mind withal pains and blameless miseries

Calamity afflicts cause and effect peculiar mysteries

Emotions gushes overbearing intoxicating witness

Opportunists snags, unguarded defecating witless

Sobriquet abhorred, admired sober hallucinations

Grotesque rapids, extreme charge to creations

Callous fatigues, veiled demeanor due melancholy

Frantic ascetics, stoical perspective unwise folly

Indulgence covet lusting fulfillment alas a moment

Arduously hunted, prized bounty grievous torment

Cravings satiable, recurring quests wheeling in-circle

Delusions precedes, manipulating very own circles

Defilements ignite, conscious removal, to release

Attachments delineated, gradual distance, peace

Cessations occurs, mind formless, truthful bliss

Middle Path traveled alone, emptiness, at ease


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