Different Thoughts

Thinking Emotional out-pours overwhelming yet be affectionate

 Anger destructive channeled aptly, brimful passionate

Happiness as transient as sadness beguiles, the mind

Imagination often reveals, exceeds factual deepest mine


Rational demeanor impetuousness restrained

Denial cushions the defensive, damage contained

Tolerance, indifference two sides of the same coin

Hippocrates, flexibility goes hand in hand, enjoin


Greed, complex insecurity, acute void of contentment

Boredom, predates constant seeking, active stimulants

Imposing, boldness imbibed the meager, rather helping

Sympathy, readily proffered empathy, eternally wanting


Initiative receptive, differently intrusive, nevertheless

Fast and swift in awe, otherwise contempt, recklessness

Patience on hindsight, tardy and slack, within sigh

Acceptance glows exuberant, dull listless, resigned Don't tell anyone


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