Different Weathers

Hot sun heat warms the sun loving desert lizards
Cold wind taunts the naked, brazing late evening
Storm shrieks and swept across the vast sky, a wizard
Calms return as always, indwells anew beginning
Intermittent showers wreck havoc the festive outdoor
Dawn radiant sunshine promises all a bright living
Humid air, nature’s way to recycle water, rain pours
 Dry warm spells bounty harvest, hardships forgiven
Struggles, unpleasant days are unusually long
Short and wanting celebration and happy hours
Minor disasters are big, whatever comes along
Foul weather abhorred even the small midnight owl
Darkness is bad despite shelters in providence
 Brightness enliven spirits just as it distracts
Happy rainforest lively underling evidence
Sad naked earth precede, rain saplings track Sun


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