Different Photographs


Snapshot wonders in another place’s present time

Name remembered, appearance recalled past time

Person acquainted, relation severed another sign

Musings aimless, somber reminiscences in time


Oneself captured, actual occasion places been

Casual moral ruse, sentiments as one moves on

Time-capsule sealed, carnal edicts of relicts’ bin

Reminder, permanent memory stoically etched on


Tattered in usage, dull yellowed over the years

Faded image blurred, sullied crimp surface remains

Jaded body posture, mind alert despite the years

Failing eye diagnosed rueful, sights of past regains


Crawling gaits precede trembling fingers actions

Squinting eyelids fills infrequent obtuse visions

Recollection, perception, recognition, satisfaction

Beautiful photographs, fuel blissful contemplations Camera


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