Different Masks

Cat face 

Chided clowns’ face, tickles children’s funny bone

Mellowed, “Cirque du soleil” troupe we pursue

“Dance of darkness” mimics, grievous extreme Butoh

Surgical theater, gowns, gloves and masks rule


Reward toddler, rapid mother’s facial cue

Principal’s glare, hasten pupil’s innate essence

Worker abhor, despot bosses’ blare to queue

Husband-wife hollers, perceptible in silence


Halloween traditions bespeak, masking pantomime

TV action hero, comes alive amongst families

Masked, “phantom of the Opera” musical goldmine

Faceless, virtual community real digital family


Virtual mask abides, formal uniform dictates

Brilliant drama manuscripts transform reality

Regal portrayal, hierarchy exemplar states

Reflecting schizophrenia, asymmetrical sanity Dog face


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