Different Winds


Eerie the howls of the cold winter wind blows

Through the forest and stiff crags winding

Fiery the roars of the hot summer wind blazes

Across bushes and thick jungle trappings


  Tyrant the squalling storms in mid sea

Lashing the fleeing ships dare trespass

Anchored yachts brim, endless tugs to free

Drag laden hulls, slipping harbor’s clutch


Distant cyclone blooms under the twirling sunrays

Faint misty rainbow, matching kisses in midst

Magic moonlit mirages the sky and sea lanes

Urges to forget and forgive whom we missed


Tranquil the gentle breeze, across the cemetery

Around vigil tombs, beneath all the memories

Serene and peaceful, bequests within vicinity

Embracing, encompassing even fugitives Island with a palm tree


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