Different Leaves

Wilted rose Mystic is the aural charm the orange-red autumn leaves

Shedding leaves can mean dawning of brand new gifts

Vigor and innate the spring-green leave chlorophylls

Dropping leaves very often mark of much deeper ills


Brown degrading leaves provide food and shelter for the living

Overbearing canopy majestic deceives their silent killings

Depriving undergrowths their meager daily need for living

Powerful and rich hypocrisy is not lost to the depended for living


Entertainment, we hanker and pay for a glimpse of their opulence

Knowing barely, we extolled their existence in our ignorance

Contributing our meager wages we can better spread and sow

Betraying our secret wish to live like them someday somehow


Acknowledge the end doesn’t matter, how we leave this world

Awakened we must this life, live the life we now live and twirl

Salvage our future genera having to dream to see autumn leaves

Abundance to live their lives, choice to choose their kinds of leaves Island with a palm tree


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