Different Waves

Note Gay in anticipation, we wave farewell to all in the odysseys

Solemn sadness filled our waves to loved ones leaving us

Boisterous our spirits the triumphant waved return in glory

Melancholy floods the valiant yet vanquished cloaked in flurry


Piercing sound wave, shatter glasses and the staunchest spirits

In vacuum alone, void of whimpers, empty noise did rid

Tidal waves, wind charged roars the mighty blue ocean

Persistent sea waves seduce skinny-dip and strangest actions


Lightning shines the swiftest light wave we can ever see

Perished the tallest tree stricken during the lightning spree

Deliberate and slow the thunder wave fiddle no matter

Kindred flop’s reckless attempt desperate to sow terror


Chivalrous we may seem in the wave of fortune

Rickety is the utmost the wave of destitute

Philanthropies may give and wave of plentitude

Blameless the mope’s ingrate wave and attitude Money


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