Different Days

Gift with a bow Today is the day, this present moment of a day

Tomorrow is the day, when daylight shines after today

Night eclipsed everyday at the end of the day

Do you remember what you did yesterday?


Someday we hope to do what we cannot today

Hopeful for that day, we plough and trot everyday

Slights and putdowns you shouldered every other day

Faith and hope, your solely feed every single day


Love is all some need to livened up their day

Growing wants alone darkened most peoples’ day

Content with their lot, have-not sees happy days

Haves always need much more to make their day


Years passes by, many yearns for the good old days

You reminisce doing things, the simple easy old ways

Ironical indeed we progressed yet forlorn the days

When days are fun filled and joys lasting many days Party


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