Different Wants

Tongue out As we chug along the tough, earth beaten road of uneven terrains, fortified by the rough edges

Sweat flowing ceaselessly down our backs, some dripping down the sideburns, hairs as the ledges

With legs aching acutely, mind racing back and forth with different contemplations, gasping for air

The only thought that prevails is to halt immediately and catch our breath, we just want fresh air


Finally with breath in rhythm, now feeling the thirst, we crave for a cold drink of the purest water

Thirst quenched, feeling the full fury of acid on our stomach inner lining, we hawked a food platter

Subsiding activity in the bowel, draw awareness to the sore body muscles, especially those calves

How resolute is mind versus body, to resume the journey, or call it a day, and be damned coward


As we debate, wrestle and pray, it dawn upon, finesse withstanding how much you want that wins

It is the hunger for success, zeal to hang on, price of will, and perhaps the wisdom to read the wind

Winner takes all, manta we are taught, the fittest or adaptable survive we learnt, so where are you?

This game of life may be right, may be the best within our grasps, but who draw the line for you?


As we traverse the time on earth, on the journey of life, what you want and need to live, a life-style

Bombarded daily, purveyors of life comforts, sanctuaries, glitters and glamour to live life-in-style 

Cradle to grave, we imbibed our needs, and discover to our dismay the plethora-well of wants

Abysses we skirt daily, peak after peak we ascend manually, yet there is more that we want


Erudite and barbaric alike are taken for a ride, reaching their incompetence, meeting their match

Predator’s price is the victim or they’ll be the prey, it is never to find but to hide from their match

Succumbs to temptation and greed, our fellow exploits unscrupulously the FUD deceitfully sowed

Trudging ourselves into cycle of fears, an eternal uncertainty, doubtful sanity, our wants grow


Preying and scavenging anything in Mother Earth, are some chosen livelihood, faith accompli

Values and faith sometimes is the only savior, our lonely birth and life-journey unaccompanied

Seek as you may, the guide, the path, the way, the salvation, the sanctuary; paradise, heaven

The temple in you could yet be the most enlightening place for solace and bliss; your own haven Angel



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