Different Colors

Rainbow Fiery and pirouette the air lifted red forest fires raged, maimed every living things down to the ground
Grey and black the aftermath, amber belies, save for a few, slumbered, prostrate on the charred ground
Lush and green the fresh saplings rising skywards, ever hopeful unto the clear blue morning dew
Such humbling the forest-life, a cycle of drought and rain purported from the very sky white-blue hue
Blazing and raging the bush fire, wind directed ravages aground all between its path whilst the red hot summer
Sturdier trees turn yellow the cacophony of leaf-factory, as the orange-mellow autumn beckons asunder
Pure indeed the leafless trees, pires erect, amidst snow-white covered winter crest and trough plains
Fresher still the green spring, that defines life beneath the deep sea and atop the highest mountain range
Mighty as we see ourselves, a minute harmless color change or shift, render ones three-sixty
Glory is the morning riser, daylight illuminates, energizes, livens and colors of the worldly
Meek and susceptible, ready to surrender,  succumbs easily to manipulation of colors by others’ misdeed
Despair in darkness as the frightful nightfall, engulfs and belittles all the colorful things around us indeed
Different color is but the really what color our eyes see from black and white, albeit white’s force
Deprived of white light, we may see freaks, much more colors, as colored by the light source
Mindfulness of what we see is colored by our vision, we can be more transparent, thus more blissful
Blissfulness is acknowledging our views are both colored and transient, as we strive to be ever mindful Rainbow
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