Talking about Different Ways

Telephone receiver Ways can be as different as the mind perceived
Perception is truth to the beholder unminced
Time do change the ways albeit flows the current’s path
Alas many still get stalled, frozen somewhere in the path Mobile Phone


Different Ways

Airplane The thunder storm shrieks and raged but soon passes by
Choppy seas are now as calm as the still placid lake
Trees ravaged sprouts new shoots while others died
Another day passes as we bided to those with pallid face
Why are we distressed by anothers facial expression?
Why are we even jarred by another’s fleeting words?
Isn’t it just another action that will go the way of oblivion?
Imagine it’s in a language as foreign as “sdrow”
People come empty, accumulate plenty, and yet leave everything behind
People fight, kill and hoard, and yet try giving it all away in the end
Time gets killed, wasted and even cursed as it passes, less in bind
Time is empty, relative and almost still when we can’t bear the end
Is the path less traveled, the way to travel in ones journey of life?
Can anyone actually walk exactly the same path as another in a day?
Aren’t there wise and compassionate sages and saviors extolling the way of life?
Yet, everyone are going about life and doing things right, their different ways Auto
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